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I guess this is thr right place to post this.

I know I'm new but I need to put Kana on hiatus. I'm going to be staying at my grandparents' place for about a week so I'm be gone until either saturday or monday.

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Well, returntosky is now a mod, so she will help me to not suck here :D I'm really easily distracted from things usually but I think that everyone has spent too much time and effort on applications and stuff, so it's a shame for it to go to waste.

SO LETS ROLE PLAY, PEOPLE!! Start posting in the community, and messaging, and Yu~ki-mun will keep me in line so I'll keep everything nice and up to date for you.
I have to ask though, because of my idle-ness, does anyone NOT want to keep their muses? It's okay if you don't, but we'll be very saaaaad D:
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Hellooooooo nurse :D

Hiiii guys. Thank you to you all that have joined so far, and thank you for being patient with the slow start.
I've had my exams recently, and they're almost over so now I can get back to this rp.

I'll start off this evening with a community post from all of my characters, so feel free to jump in with any of those, or message me on aim on die is superrr for Lida, Die and Kyo.
Start role playing amongst yourselves, too, whether through aim or on here. Rememeber to post your logs here, though.

Tell your friends about this game! Hopefully we'll get more members soon so it'll be all big and active :]

I hope you guys all enjoy this, now that we're getting started. Message me, or email me on the.manipulated@gmail.com if you have any questions.
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